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Hello, I'm Theo (Jed). I'm a Gameplay Developer currently working for
Enchantment Studios and Spawnpoint Studios, UK. My programming career goes back
five years to when I was 12 years old, starting off with Lua and using Python on
I've always loved both the creative and technical work finding game development to be a perfect mix.
I took this love of technology with me into college, where I'm studying game design and development.
Over the years i've worked on roblox and Unreal under the direction of and
alongside others as well as solo to create the best game/product possible.


C# Development



Visual Studios

Unreal Visual Programming


Roblox Studio

Unreal Engine


Example #1

Loading Screen

First draft of a Game Menu - Before DOF & Background Assets

Example #2

Custom Depth Of Field

Custom Depth Of Field [Blur]
Before roblox added their own

Example #3


Cutscene including:
Voiceover, Scripting, Modelling and
Sound Design.

Example #4

Weapon Wheel

Weapon Wheel
Inspired by GTA.


  • County Upper School, September 2016,2019
    • Computer Science = Level 7 (1-9) English = Level 6 & 7 (1-9) Drama = Level 6 (1-9) Maths = Level 5 (1-9) Double Science = Level 5 (1-9)
  • West Suffolk College, 2019 - present
    • Studying Game Design and Development, Level 3 (1-3)


  • West Suffolk Hospital, 2018
    • Working with their IT department for work experience where I helped build an elexa app to book and read appointment information As well as help build up their physical infrastructure for a new ward during my work experience.
  • Commisions and Enchantment Studios, 2016 - present
    • Over the past few years I have been doing freelance gameplay programming for individuals and companies on the roblox platform. As well as working as Game Designer and Programmer at Enchantment Studios.